The Guitars

Guitar # 25

17 1/4 inch Arch top guitar

Hand carved from solid wedges of Carpathian spruce and figured maple with ebony details this guitar is a work of art. Inspired by the archtop guitars of Robert Benedetto this guitar comes with a Seymore Duncan B6 Jazz Humbucker Pickup with volume and tone controls.

Guitar # 10

8 string ‘Brahms’ guitar

This 8 string “Brahms Guitar”, inspired by the guitar built by David Rubio in collaboration with Paul Galbraith, it is in rosewood, spruce and ebony with a mahogany neck. The strings can be tuned to b E A D G B E A. Thus extending the range of the classical guitar. The nut, frets and bridge are fanned with variable scale lengths of 618 mm to 650 mm, and it comes with a cello spike.

Guitar # 23

7/8th Guitar with detachable neck, steel strung

Guitar # 22

7/8th Guitar with detachable neck, nylon strung

Both of these reduced scale guitars, in figured maple spruce and ebony, come with detachable bolt on necks. They have scale lengths of 610 mm.

Guitar # 13

Classical guitar with 48mm nut

Guitar # 9

Classical guitar with 52mm nut

These two classical guitars in rosewood, spruce and ebony, in style of Torres, with 650 mm scale lengths.

Guitar# 34

4mm ply Guitar, nylon strung. 48 mm nut, 640mm scale length

Guitar # 35

4mm ply, Guitar steel strung, 48 mm nut, 640 mm scale length

Two box guitars, simply built from 4mm birch ply to demonstrate that you don’t, necessarily, have to use exotic timber to get a great sound!

Guitar # 32

Detachable neck travel guitar, steel strung, 45 mm nut, 632 mm scale length

This innovate travel guitar was built to comply with the new budget airlines regulations and can be dismantled to fit “under the seat in front” as a small bag. I have taken it’s sister, nylon strung guitar with me on several European pilgrimage routes, strapped to the side of my back pack.

Guitar # 28

Travel Guitar steel strung

Guitar 27

Travel Guitar nylon strung

Inspired by the Californian luthier Sam Radding’s ‘Go Guitar’ in mahogany and spruce.

Guitar # 15

Dreadnaught guitar

A big dreadnaught in the Martin style with Mahogany spruce and ebony. This guitar comes fitted with a ‘blender preamp’ including saddle and microphonic pick ups. The perfect combination for that natural acoustic sound.

Guitar # 33

V-braced acoustic with fan fretting

An unusual guitar in walnut, spruce and ebony. the finger board is radiused and the frets are fanned. The body is shaped like a Taylor with ‘V’ bracing and it has teardrop sound ports. It has ‘K&K Pure Sound Pick Ups’ bonded to the underside of the bridge plate.

Guitar # 12

Travel guitar nylon strung

A cool little travel guitar. The back plate is detachable in transit but solves the problem frequently found in small guitars i. e. ‘The Martin backpacker’, that they can spin out of control ! In figured maple and spruce.

Guitar # 11

Travel guitar nylon strung

The detachable backplate on this guitar is split to fit into the sides of a back pack. Built from maple and spruce and finished in a red lacquer. Fitted with a Fishman saddle pick up

Guitar # 10

Self amplified travel guitar with sound hole speaker ! nylon strung

This little honey is also a practice amp. It comes with a Fishman saddle pickup and an inbuilt amp and speaker. The strap button jack can be used as an input for another guitar or audio track.

Guitar # 21

Tenor Ukulele

A beautiful tenor ukulele in mahogany, spruce and ebony.

Guitar # 18

Prototype detachable neck guitar nylon strung

The body of this guitar is styled after the Martin ‘0’ but is fan braced as a Torres and has a 48mm radiused neck. The scale length is 610 mm. It comes with a Fishman saddle pick up. The neck is detachable with external bolting. I figured maple with a golden lacquer finish